Rebranding Celery

In 2023 GreenLine Communication was commissioned by Celery, a leading Payroll & HRM Software development company with its headquarters in Curacao, for Brand Strategy Advice. This lead to a report that was presented to management and all team-members. This year Green Media as a next step will start with a re-branding process that will have

SmartCapture Services

Green Media as a spin-of offers tailored services for the contemporary digital environment. People today interact with your business, product, or service through your internet presence. Social Media Channels need to be “fed” weekly with new fresh content that is appealing to your audience. As crucial as the caliber of your offering is how you

Curalink Relaunch

Recently Green Media has worked on its project Curalink. This was a popular website that we build and managed between 2004 en 20102. Because a revamp of the website was needed it was taken offline. The idea was always to relaunch it in a new more modern form. An expensive website that provided inside information

Regla ta Regla brochure

The organizations within law enforcement on the island have jointly released a brochure to communicate the rules regarding staff behavior. The first steps to arrive at a code of conduct were already taken in 2014. In addition to a number of posters that serve for internal communication, a brochure was also drawn up by Green

Adventure SUP website launched

Green Media created a compact website for a water-sports activities center Adventure SUP. The website is optimized for both mobile and desktop versions for easy browsing. Green Media was also responsible for all pictures used in the site via its service SmartCapture. We website is based on the wordpress platform. Want to know more about