With emphasis on relations we discover new marketing grounds together.
New ways to profile your company, services and products.
So when we publish you shine ..

Solid relationships as a foundation

Good interaction and clear communication is essential when it comes to tackling the challenges in every phase of the production process.

Improving  your way of communicating is a must when goals are set. Our way of working goes beyond just finishing a design on time. By foreseeing obstructions, we eliminate loss of time and create energy even more is realized. Just like every consultancy process a good understanding of internal interaction and structures will help you reach further.

Solid designs are essential at the basis of your print work, website and audiovisuals. To create a catchy design you’ll need to combine fonts, colors and layout into a logical flowing form that is easy on the eye. We have the skills to make that happen ..

In this visually oriented society the value of having a powerful identity is indispensable. A strong marketing strategy can only be successful with the right visual interpretation. Our design studio can redefine your house style and media-expressions to guarantee a long lasting impression. Our attention to detail ensures the success of every client.

House styles, Logos, Advertisements, Flyers and Posters, Billboards, Brochures, Folders, Exhibitions Stands, Magazines, Illustrations, T-shirts.

A catchy digital presence brings acceptance from the critical crowd. Web surfers are just a click away from all your competitors that may concentrate on an attractive website too ..

The digital landscape is cluttered with an overwhelming amount of distractions. Who are we, what do we stand for and what do we have to offer must be presented in a clear and stylish manner. Green Media cooperates with you on the presentation of your company, products and services on the internet. User friendliness and an up-to-date content are important factors to determine the success or failure of a website. With this basis in mind we implement and maintain internet sites. Green Media is a leader when it comes to integration of Flash-animations, video and sound on the internet. We are able to transform your ideas into a flashy website incorporated with the latest techniques.
Reaching out to your audience has become a complex matter. Every product and service has unique features. We can subtract what works for you and guide you when taking marketing decisions. Our extensive experience in media land will save you time, worries and lost effectiveness when producing a company identity, campaign or website.

The media types and devices are changing constantly. You need a partner to help you select witch types best bring your message across. This with the least of expenses possible. Direct contact with printers and media companies can also smoothen out bumps on the road to succes. Wether you want to publish a magazine, brochure, app or functional website .. we can provide insight.
Green Media knows that publishing apps, websites or other digital media is never a done business. The content needs to be cultivated and refreshed. This can be a true bottle neck within companies where the allocation of time is always a problem.

Together with the different levels in your company we specify the different roles in the updating processes and keep monitoring your hosting, admin panels, passwords and internal communication. As a result you can concentrate on what you do best as we’re your support when there’s questions, new strategies or internal changes. To achieve this we can communicate different kind of support contracts with you. Every situation is different so we only provide tailor made solutions.

Startup Packages

Smartbox-Plus is a service aimed at highlighting what you offer in the digital domain in intelligent and creative ways.

The potential of modern media form is enormous when it comes to sharing your information online. For business owners that have no time to concentrate on promoting their products or services online, we supply solutions that fit.

An all-inclusive-pack that takes the hassle out of having a great website. Smartbox comes with monthly, half-year or yearly plans.

Our modern approach to webdesign has lead to the development of a package that takes away all worries involving the creation and maintenance of websites. Our service is ideal for starter and small to medium organizations.

Let our team capture video footage and Photos for your online campaigns. We also retouch the pictures taken and edit the footage for you.

The way you present yourself is as important as the quality of your service or product. And competition is high. A video message that shines the right light on who you are and what you offer can attract the right target group.

Additional Services

Marketing Quick Scan

For organizations that want to take a new look at their overall marketing approach, we can make a scan of all their activities, how they position themselves now and what we think they should concentrate to further develop.

We see that the marketing strategy that organizations follow are often outdated and need adjusting to the new times. It is refreshing to talk with an expert and get feedback on how effective your strategy is and if in practice your meeting goals set. Our findings are written word in a short report and complimented with tips for the future.

Site-support Service

Your digital garden always preserved! Green Media not only builds websites, but maintains them as well. The contracts vary between just technical support and can be broadened with rich content creation.

Not all organizations want to concentrate on updating their website content on a regular basis. For those that want us to keep their programs or content up to date we have different fitting packages. The payments can de done on a monthly, 6 month or yearly basis.

Social Media Concepts

Communicating via Social Media has become a must for every organization that is serious in developing a lasting bound with their sociely and specially customers. How you present yourself in the digital domain is of great importance.

Having the right team thinking out concepts that are appealing to your audience is key in any succes. Creative minds can think out campaigns, stories lines, layouts and create graphics that really stand out on the social netwerk. Let us guide you trough the digital woods!

Ask for a free consultation

During an introduction meeting we can elaborate on what we offer and how our services can stimulate your organizational growth.