Eigen Woning Plan

October 16, 2020By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO Eigen Woning Plan Project Website Project description The EWP website the Janssen de Jong company has been largely renewed. Their new project “Fleur Tropical” is the main focus of the site. The assignment was to bring the website more in line with the corporate identity of the company. In addition, they wanted a more … Read More

Island Tipr

March 30, 2020By flexsiteIdentity

PORTFOLIO Island Tipr Online Channel Project description Logo Creation for e informational channel about the most beautiful island in the world. What to visit, where to eat, Culture information and hidden places .. all in one digital portal. Date 2020

Kooyman Online catalog

March 26, 2020By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO Kooyman E-CatalogProject description Green Media advised and created a user interface for the relaunch of a website that lists all products that Kooyman sells. Templates were designed, refined and also coded for use in a database. The main aim was to show all prices including specials on items. Clients can create an account and … Read More

Beach Hut

February 19, 2020By flexsiteIdentity

PORTFOLIO Beach Hut Project description Logo design and graphics for instagram account templates made for online store selling eco and beach products. Date 2020

Smartbox Plus

January 28, 2020By flexsiteIdentity

PORTFOLIO Smartbox Plus E-Marketing Project descriptionLogo design and branding for digital marketing packages. Also templates were provided for Social Media campaigns and website layout. Date2020

Landhuis Bloemhof

January 17, 2020By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO Landhuis BloemhofProject description Green Media was contracted by the management team behind Bloemhof again to restyle the website we originally made. We website had to be more dynamic, mobile friendly and less complicated. The result is a functional clean website with all essential information about the activities in and around the colonial house. We … Read More

Scharloo Abou Logo

January 14, 2020By flexsiteIdentity

PORTFOLIO Scharloo Abou Platform Logo Project description For the promotion of the Scharloo Abou District this logo this logo designed. It expresses a lively colorful historic neighborhood in development. A website and Facebook page were created with this logo as a reference to communicate the potential of this area. Date 2019

Dolphin Therapy Center

October 21, 2019By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO Curacao Dolphin Therapy & Research CenterProject description Production of extensive website of this organization. A modern website that responds will on all mobile decices. The goal van to create a site with a balance between clear information communicating a great fun experience. Also forms and a chat function are integrated to better interact with … Read More

C-Life Resort

September 28, 2019By flexsiteIdentity

PORTFOLIO C-Life Resort Project description Creation of logo for Real Estate project. Date 2018

Scharloo Abou Portal

September 21, 2019By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO Scharloo Abou Portal Project descriptionProduction of community website promoting a neighborhood in development in Willemstad. Different organizations and stakeholders were involved in the production process. Date2019 VISIT SITE