Stadsherstel Promotion

July 12, 2023By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Promo Campaign for Stadsherstel Project description For the Monumento Habri Event Stadsherstel asked us to design a leaflet, banner and For Rent sign to attract more attention to what the organization offers. Monumento Habri is a yearly event organized in the streets of Willemstad. The public can walk rough old colonial buildings on that … Read More

Flowzone Social Media

October 27, 2022By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Social Media Post Concepts for Flowzone Project description How do you stand out from all the captivating content on Social Media Platforms? We think by being direct in comminicating what you do and boosting that massage with stunning graphics with an unique style. The posts backgrounds and fonts use an¬†overarching color pallet and font … Read More

Mulato Collective

September 8, 2019By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Mulato Collective CD cover & Label Project descriptionFor the band Mulato we did a photoshoot and styled the CD cover and label. Date2012

Curacao Traveler Magazine

September 8, 2019By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Curacao Traveler Magazine Project descriptionDesign and layout of magazine for tourists visiting Curacao. The magazine has different maps of the island integrated. Date2009 -2016

Selicor Year Book

September 8, 2019By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Selicor Calendar Project descriptionThe project was based on designing unique graphics and creation of calendar for print. Date2009

Smartbox advertisements

September 8, 2019By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Smartbox advertisements Project descriptionTo promote our Smartbox package, we created different ads and leaflets. Date2010 – 2016

Blue line integrity campaign

September 8, 2019By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Blue line integrity campaign Project description production of illustrations and posters for integrity campaign for employees of Janssen de Jong Caribbean. Date 2014