Stadsherstel Promotion

July 12, 2023By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Promo Campaign for Stadsherstel Project description For the Monumento Habri Event Stadsherstel asked us to design a leaflet, banner and For Rent sign to attract more attention to what the organization offers. Monumento Habri is a yearly event organized in the streets of Willemstad. The public can walk rough old colonial buildings on that … Read More

DirectLink Website

June 29, 2023By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO DirectLink Website Restyling Project description Twinfield is a known administrative application on the island. The company that provides this service developed extensions for the Twinfiel Program so processes can be automated. Under the name “DirectLink” apps can be acquired that connects the Twinfield Program to software that supports administrative specialists in their work. Date … Read More

SmartCapture Services

June 29, 2023By flexsiteNews

Green Media as a spin-of offers tailored services for the contemporary digital environment. People today interact with your business, product, or service through your internet presence. Social Media Channels need to be “fed” weekly with new fresh content that is appealing to your audience. As crucial as the caliber of your offering is how you … Read More

Flowzone Social Media

October 27, 2022By flexsiteGraphics

PORTFOLIO Social Media Post Concepts for Flowzone Project description How do you stand out from all the captivating content on Social Media Platforms? We think by being direct in comminicating what you do and boosting that massage with stunning graphics with an unique style. The posts backgrounds and fonts use an¬†overarching color pallet and font … Read More

Logo Design Flowzone

October 27, 2022By flexsiteIdentity

PORTFOLIO Logo Design Flowzone Project description The idea was to incorporate the “flow” into the logo. The wavy expansion of the letters F and Z worked well to reflect the flow of water passing the boards. the design also has a link to the hydrofoil used in Wingfoiling. Date 2022 VISIT SITE

Flow Zone Watersports

October 27, 2022By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO Website production for Watersports Center Project description This was a really fun undertaking as it involved a sport we practice ourselves. Wingfoiling is rapidly gaining popularity. To work on an online presence for this activity came naturally as the videos and pictures we already had. The challenge was to give the website a distinctive … Read More

Stadsherstel Willemstad

August 25, 2022By flexsiteWebsites

PORTFOLIO Ravamp of Stadsherstel Website Project description Production of website for organization that manages colonial style villa’s of historic value. A lot of these mansions were saved from becoming ruins. The website communicates their mission and displays all villa’s they supervice. Date 2022 VISIT SITE

Curalink Island Guide

January 18, 2022By Derek DurgaramWebsites

PORTFOLIO Curalink Island Guide Project description is a mix between a travel guide, online directory and blog page. The site was extensive information about many topics concerning all Curacao has to offer. This website was originally launched in 2008 but was totally revamped in 2020 and relaunched. Remember to admit your business or activity … Read More

GreenLine Brand Design

January 8, 2022By Derek DurgaramIdentity

Logo and House style for my new marketing segment. I wanted a fresh look. Something different. A style that stands out. One that captivates and draws you closer.Visit website >

TERACORA logo restyle

January 8, 2022By Derek DurgaramIdentity

For my old school friend Brain Hollander. The concept was to make it look like a digital company in cyberspace. Still with a down to earth feel. The examples that were sent gave great insights. Big plans ahead. Great ideas! Logo was shown in different color combinations. This was the choosen one.